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The Lyrical Basquiat
A Haitian Immigrant

Jean Michaels

19 year old New Jersey born, Atlanta influenced rapper Jean Michaels is on a mission to prove that being different and embracing your individuality is the key to bringing your dreams to fruition.

Born to teenage Haitian immigrants, Michaels is no stranger to hard work. Due to his father’s incarceration and later death, Michaels’ was raised mostly by his mother, a 20 year United States Navy veteran who instilled in him the importance of being strong and independent.

Influenced when he was younger by artists such as Tupac, Eminem, Wycleff Jean, Notorious BIG and Andre 3000, Michaels’ has been a student of hip hop and lyricism since an early age. He has been rapping since he learned to talk and writing since he could hold a pen. Starting from freestyling to his family to putting out songs during high school, Michaels’ has been polishing his art for years.

Known previously as Kid Sway and later Swavey Ranks, Michaels’ now goes simply by his own name. A student at Morehouse University in Atlanta, his unique flow and way with words has drawn attention not only locally and campus wide but also from many known names in the industry. A few to be mentioned, Dorrough Music, Yung Nation, Play N Skills, Cortez (Cash Money), Noah Feanch ( 2 Chainz Booking Manager), Frank Harris ( Jason Darulo Manager) India Graves (Brick Squad), 40 Drakes Producer, TDE, & oddly even Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane.

Michaels’ is well on his way to making huge waves in the music scene. With Haitian influences and life experience far beyond his years, his sound is unlike any other artist. With the recent release of a preview track from his upcoming mixtape Soul to Soul as well as opening for Diggy Simmons and attending the South By Southwest Festival in Austin, TX, his name has been appearing more and more on the internet and his fan base has been increasing exponentially.

Jean Michaels is young and full of potential. More importantly, he has a purpose. His music proves that it is okay to be different. That you can share your truths and influence people to be great without having to compromise who they are and what they value. He raps about life; his life and you should be listening.



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